Traditional Bamboo Flooring With The Original Characteristics Of Wood

Human civilization is progressing from the great ideas of the creator to the gradual essence of the process of the way, the pursuit of good things for mankind has never stopped the pace. The history of human civilization, it is not an amazing invention of history? From architecture, clothing, and then to food,Traditional Bamboo Flooring every item is given to the human aesthetic, when the beautiful objects were injected into the soul, there is not The same flavor and temperature. Home decoration design can not ignore the floor is also true.

Britain's first industrial revolution created the era of machines instead of manual, the invention and use of steam engines to create a huge productivity, social development process has taken an important step, the world has changed from the face of human life habits began The earth-shaking changes. In the world after earth-shaking changes at the same time, people are feeling the first "eat crab" people, they face this unknown world is bold and unique. It is because of the courage to break through the "eat crab" people, our world began to become colorful. Traditional Bamboo Flooringing well versed in breakthrough and innovation is the source of progress, from the selection to processing, and then to the packaging, are walking in the forefront of the industry, continuous research and development, continuous improvement.

Development needs innovation breakthrough, in the aesthetic, bamboo first to art into the floor of the design concept, so that the beauty of art through the way home show. The floor is not just a kind of floor decoration materials, but also a worthy collection of works of art, each floor color, style are from Traditional Bamboo Flooring design master of the hand, after years of research and development results, quite mysterious features, called the floor Industry's most advanced technology.

Traditional Bamboo Flooringing is developed in recent years, a new type of building decoration materials, it is natural high-quality bamboo as raw material, after 20 procedures, off the bamboo juice, high temperature and pressure pressure, and then after 3 layers of paint , And finally by infrared drying.

Traditional Bamboo Flooringing has a natural texture of bamboo, fresh and elegant, giving a return to nature, elegant and refined feeling. It has many characteristics, the first Traditional Bamboo Flooringing to bamboo wood, with the original characteristics of wood; and bamboo in the processing process, in line with national standards of high quality rubber species, to avoid formaldehyde and other substances on the human body hazards; The use of advanced equipment and technology, through the original bamboo 26 process processing, and also has a natural beauty of wood flooring and ceramic tiles of the rugged features.

Traditional Bamboo Flooringing to buy the main attention to four aspects:

1. Whether the product is complete

In general, the formal product country expressly stipulates that there should be a complete set of product information, including the manufacturer, brand, product standard, inspection grade, instructions, after-sales service and other information, product information is complete, indicating that the production enterprises are a certain scale of formal enterprises , Even if there are problems consumers are well documented.

2. Product appearance quality

Floor color: color floor color golden yellow, whole body translucent; carbonated Traditional Bamboo Flooringing is bronze or brown, color uniform and glossy.

Paint quality: the floor placed in the light benefits to see whether the surface of the bubble, pitting, orange peel phenomenon, look at the paint is rich, full, smooth.

3. intrinsic quality

View the floor material: can be hand and eye view, if the floor in the hands of the lighter, indicating the use of tender bamboo; if the eye view of the blurred texture, indicating that the bamboo is not fresh, is more old bamboo.

View the floor structure: to see whether the symmetrical balance, from the Traditional Bamboo Flooring at both ends of the cross-section to see whether the principle of symmetry, if the structure is stable.

Gluing is tight: see the floor layer and the glue between the layers is tight, you can use two hands off to see if there will be layered.

4. Processing accuracy

Traditional Bamboo Flooringing processing accuracy, can be random sampling, the method is to take any number of flooring, placed on the flat surface of the tenon, groove together, if the structure is stable.