Antiqued Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Simplicity Has Always Been The Pursuit Of People

China is a great land of great things, because it has a strong cultural atmosphere and historical accumulation, so that the earth is full of humanistic spirit. Now the beauty of the Chinese wind began to swept the world, people for the depth of charm and the simple Chinese wind can not extricate themselves. The minimalist artists use the different expressions to find the same thing - the nature of things, the nature of those who have been objectively ignored by people. Simplicity has been the pursuit of people, but it is difficult to do.

"Simple but not simple, luxurious and not luxury" is a unique understanding of the product. The taste of life lies in the details, it is a kind of attitude to life, it is an invisible wealth, bamboo Tao Antiqued Strand Woven Bamboo Flooringing in bringing people a strong and perfect feeling at the same time, people taste the most intuitive experience. The taste gives the people who have it a different kind of glory, a force in the crowd. Through it, so that people can better understand the magnificent is not only highlight the noble temperament of the only, only to reach a sufficient height in order to deduce the true meaning of the taste.

The correct use and maintenance of Antiqued Strand Woven Bamboo Flooringing is to extend the life of the key, in recent years, due to some consumers on the use of Antiqued Strand Woven Bamboo Flooringing, causing some quality problems and complaints, in this case, both dealers or businesses do a good job Service, but also need to learn the correct use of consumers, maintenance knowledge.

Wooden floor to create a warm home

1, to keep the indoor dry and dry, Antiqued Strand Woven Bamboo Flooringing, although the drying treatment, reducing the size of the change, but because of its bamboo material is natural, so it will change with the climate and humidity and deformation.

In the northern region of the dry season, especially when the open heating, the indoor can be adjusted by different methods such as the use of humidifier or heating on the basin of water; in the southern region of yellow fungus season, window ventilation, keep the room dry. To this end, indoors should try to avoid sun exposure and rain wet, if the water should be promptly dry.

2, to avoid damage to the floor surface Antiqued Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring paint, should avoid hard objects impact, sharp weapon scratches, metal friction and so on.

3, the correct clean the floor in the daily use of the process, keep the ground clean, clean, you can use a clean sweep sweep, and then wring dry mop dragged a new look. If conditions permit, two to three months to play a floor wax, so better.